"Well" It tastes good He commented as if nothing had happened as if he had not realized that there was anything wrong with his action just now Luo Lingling had some doubts about whether it was her own illusion after all the warmth was somewhat similar to the feeling of her breath on her hand when he spoke close to her although she still felt soft She looked at Ji Han carefully and saw that he had no superfluous expression She became more and more uncertain and turned her head to stare at the screen suspiciously A smile flashed through Ji Han's black eyes In fact he knows very well that not eating outside is a psychological stress reaction and last time Luo Ling Ling taught him and

Yan Wanglou how to use spiritual power to identify whether the food is poisonous it is reasonable to say that he has been able to overcome this psychological barrier But he still didn't want to eat outside He ate breakfast and dinner with Luo Ling For lunch he ate what she gave him in the crisper custom cosmetic packing She would make more breakfast for him as lunch and bake some dessert for him as snacks If the little girl hadn't fed him potato chips by hand he wouldn't have eaten them Objectively speaking the taste of potato chips is a little strong far less delicious than the food cooked by the little girl But Her fingertips are delicious Ji Han was sure that he had tasted the sweetness of her fingertips which was the same as the faint fragrance of her flowers He wanted to coax her to feed her again but he was afraid of scaring her Ji Han raised his arm and held her loosely in his arms Luo Ling adjusted her posture found a comfortable angle and leaned lazily on his shoulder Ji Han hooked his thin lips and the little girl clearly liked him but she didn't realize it yet Take your time

He has plenty of time and patience for her Luo Juanjuan found that Luo Lingling had changed a lot of clothes recently She used to wear several sets of clothes back and forth but recently she has bought a lot of new ones including shoes And those clothes are well made at first sight and they are probably high quality products Luo Juanjuan is so depressed that people are really more angry than others Think about the past she was the apple of the eye of the Luo family but Luo Lingling was abandoned Her filming went smoothly and she became the leading actress in two years but Luo Lingling has always played a passer-by Her appearance is beautiful and her clothes are exquisite but Luo Lingling's face is covered with pimples and dusty custom cosmetic packaging But now Luo Lingling is like a dusty pearl wiping away the dust blooming a dazzling brilliance her face is as white as the first snow her eyes are clear and smart and her lips are like the first blooming roses Even if the regeneration gas Luo Juanjuan also has to admit that Luo Lingling's face value has far exceeded his own What is more hateful is that her future is uncertain and she doesn't know where her next play will be after shooting Changfeng Ling Looking at Huo Wei and Fang Jing around Luo Lingling talking and laughing Luo Juanjuan's heart was sour and bubbling She secretly took out her cell phone and took a picture of three people Remembering that she had taken a lot of pictures before she turned it forward She has put these photos in a folder and has taken many of them since Luo Lingling entered the group

Turning over Luo Juanjuan suddenly came up with an idea in his mind After dinner Ji Han took out two red invitations and handed them to Luo Ling What is this Is anyone getting married Luo Lingling looked through it and saw that it was Ji Siwen and Jiang Lezhu who were going to get engaged in a few days There are so many things these days that she has forgotten Jiang Lezhu The apology statement posted on Weibo was ridiculed as "the psychological dissection of a vicious female partner from a first-person perspective" Jiang Lezhu was also ridiculed polyfoil tube Even though she turned off the comment function of Weibo the Weibo was forwarded many times and even "a hot brain" became a hot word She asked strangely "Jiang Lezhu's reputation is so bad that Ji Siwen will marry her" Ji Han raised his eyebrows lightly with a faint irony in his tone "It's just a marriage not true love Ji Siwen didn't like this Jiang Lezhu either" After all he often played together when he was a child and he knew very well that Ji Siwen would never fall in love with such an arrogant and domineering daughter Do I have to participate There are two invitations one for Ji Han and one for her Ji Han rubbed her head "whatever you want" Luo Ling Ling thought "anyway it's still early let's talk about it then"

” Two people go upstairs Luo Ling Ling holding two bags of potato chips to the audio-visual room these days she is addicted to watching movies anyway she and Ji Han's body is much better practice also need not grasp too tightly after dinner to see a movie is completely possible Yan Wanglou these two days also moved to live but he is on the second floor also do not come up to see with them the meal is also eat outside Luo Ling Ling usually only in the morning and Ji Han go out together to see him Just opened the potato chips the mobile phone rang Luo eye cream packaging tube Ling Ling picked up a look is Chen yuan called Luo Lingling picked it up "Brother yuan" Chen yuan "Did Aya Aya see Weibo" Luo Lingling "I didn't see it What's the matter Is there any excitement" The corner of Chen yuan's mouth twitched but there was excitement which was related to her Speaking of the recent hot search can always be related to Luo Lingling whether it is Jiang Lezhu's apology statement or Qian Meixin as a mistress was beaten by the original wife the former president of Monsoon Entertainment was arrested there are Luo Lingling's name This time although not on the hot search but Luo Ling Ling's name is directly on the title Ling Ling you and Huo Wei from the crew How is the relationship Chen yuan asked "It's all right" said Luo Ling Her tone is very relaxed

Chen yuan breathed a sigh of relief it seems that two people are neither ambiguous lovers nor enemies should be ordinary friends "someone fired you and Huo's CP say what Ling's CP" Luo Ling Ling dumbfounded "ah" Me and Huo cp?” Chen yuan said "This matter should be intentional you look at the Internet first do not express any opinions after reading let's communicate maybe discuss with Huo Wei how to deal with it" Luo Ling has not experienced this kind of thing "deny directly on the line but also to discuss it" Chen yuan "Even if is denies the wording also to consider cannot let the people misunderstand you to stir up own heat with the aid of Huo Yi then gets rid of the relations as if Huo Yi unilaterally likes you" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com