Updated 2009-10-25 200532 Words in this Chapter 3476 Xuan couldn't figure out the situation Seeing these people he knelt down at every turn and said slightly "Get up" /First/send "speech take the divine consciousness to the periphery and find a young man lying in the room behind him with a weak breath" Although the internal strength in the body is good it has broken the internal breath If you don't rescue yourself I'm afraid you won't be able to protect yourself Alas I didn't expect to do so much hard work as soon as I came out Gu Xuanxin said When they saw that Gu Xuan was unhappy they got up hurriedly and did not dare to speak much If you annoy the immortal teacher you can't worship the teacher If you delay Huang Taibai's injury it's a big sin Gu Xuan turned and walked inside saying "Let's go and see his wound" The people were worried but when they heard Gu Xuan's words they thought they had misheard them and were standing there Gu Xuan shook his head ignored the crowd and went straight into the room Gu Xuan grabbed Huang Tai's arm and only walked Zhenyuan through his body to find out about his illness It's just that it's poisoned and the True

Qi is consumed excessively It's not difficult to cure it Gu Xuan's words were no less than the sounds of nature Feng Huiqing cried like a tearful person but he endured it and dared not speak for fear of affecting Gu Xuan Guxuan heart dark sigh this woman is infatuated can not help but complain about Huang Taibai in bed There is a song that says "a good man will not let the woman he loves get a little hurt" This Huang Taibai let Feng Huiqing worry and fear shed plastic laminated tube so many tears is really not a good man Although he did not like what Huang Taibai had done he still had to be saved Guxuan runs Reiki to protect the heart pulse first and then runs Zhenyuan to force the poison gas out After that the chaotic True Qi was straightened out and the exhausted Dantian was restored to normal Soon after that Huang Taibai woke up The crowd was surprised and delighted Straight sigh people's technique is wonderful Doctor Liu shook his head and said there was nothing he could do But by the hand of Gu Xuan I just did it at random He brought the man back to life The goat has a big mind

I want to learn this technique In Guxian Village in the future The status is high Feng Huiqing hurriedly said briefly about Gu Xuan's rescue of him Huang Taibai is indifferent to others But he did not dare to be presumptuous to Gu Xuan Struggling to get up He knelt down and said "Thank you Huang Taibai for saving my life" Gu Xuan gave a "hmm" And proudly accepted his worship He said "Get up" You still have some poison left in your body On your own It can be resolved in three months It's just a pain in the neck You say Yes let me do it Or are you on your own Huang Taibai bowed his head and said "Immortal life is already a great kindness" A few things How dare you bother the immortal teacher again I'll do it myself No Ask the immortal teacher to help again Feng Wei hurriedly pulled Huang Taibai Kneel down and beg Huang Taibai frowned slightly But the Immortal Master is right in front of us I dare not pull Gu Xuan sighed again "All right" he said cosmetic tube Huang Taibai You must cherish it As soon as the words came out Zhao Qi's face turned white For a moment he seemed to be out of his mind The ancient metaphysical consciousness was so powerful that he saw all this in front of his eyes and regretted it in his heart "Oh I did something wrong"

However this is not a bad thing but the emotional entanglement between them can not be involved in the future Since ancient times ascetics have been most reluctant to use emotion If they do not understand it thoroughly it will be very difficult to improve their realm If we break through this barrier Xiuwei will surely rise sharply Although the heart is thinking of these the hands are not slow See the ancient Xuan hand to pick up the air automatically fly to some medicinal materials People in Guxian Village live in heaven all the year round and they are no strangers to these medicinal materials Zhao Qi in particular has read a wide range of books and knows the scarcity of these medicinal materials What's more these things are more than a thousand years old usually more difficult to find But they did not know that after eight hundred years of sacrifice Guxuan's control of heaven was more handy As soon as the divine consciousness is swept away everything in heaven is suddenly in mind and clear at a glance To take what medicine but a matter of thought Gu Xuan collected all the medicinal materials and directly urged the true fire They all saw a lavender flame coming out and all the medicinal materials disappeared If the true cultivator were here he would be so surprised that he would shout "Dazzling Purple Sky Fire!" Yes after eight hundred years of penance Gu Xuandi's skill is 10% higher Originally he could only clip a trace of dazzling purple sky fire in the true fire of Samadhi but now he can release a complete dazzling purple sky fire

Although the color is still very light the power is not very big but it is enough to be shocking Dazzling Purple Sky Fire Gu Xuan murmured "This inner elixir of Yin and Yang is so mysterious that it can release the sky fire that only immortals can release in advance" It was a pity that all the people standing next to him were ordinary people Although they were afraid of the fire without temperature plastic laminted tube they still did not ask questions Gu Xuan remembered that since he was refining the elixir he immediately gathered his mind Seeing that the heat was enough he hurriedly withdrew the sky fire and used Xuanqi to cool down Bang bang! A burst of thunder sounded like a firecracker which lasted a hundred times before it stopped Gu Xuan opened his hands and hundreds of white pills were suspended in the air It turned out that the sound just now was made when the elixir was made indicating that the refining was successful These pills are only as big as a grain of rice but they are full of potency No matter how powerful the mortal poison is one pill can solve it It's just that it's easy for mortals to eat detoxification pills with the power of ancient Xuan Gu Xuan took out three white pills and threw them to Huang Taibai Then he put the rest of the pills in a jade bottle and said "This medicine can cure all kinds of poisons

You have been deeply poisoned If you take one pill every day you will be all right in three days" "Thank you Immortal Master" said Huang Taima "Well I haven't been back for eight hundred years I'm going to see how the village is developing" Gu Xuandao When they heard this they hurriedly said "We will lead the way for the Immortal Master" Gu Xuan nodded as a recognition Although Huang Bai had just recovered from a serious illness if he walked around it would be good for his health and Gu Xuan did not stop him Guxian village people Guxuan came over immediately like a festival one after another came to see the ceremony When Gu Xuan saw that the people in the village were living and working in peace and contentment and that the surrounding environment had not been destroyed he was so relieved that he took out the pills he had just refined and handed them to the village head saying "The development of China is getting better and better but there are more and more poisonous insects and snakes" These pills can detoxify all kinds of poisons I'll give them to you However the drug is limited or to save some use 。 emptycosmetictubes.com