"Now tell me your choice" The words of a generation of rosefinches came into Wang Lin's mind Wang Lin's heart at the moment towering waves this choice let him struggle let him hesitate After half a ring Wang Lin raised his right hand to grasp the void and immediately there was a storage space in front of him from which a coffin slowly floated out Inside the coffin Li Muwan lay there calmly as if sleeping soundly The senior may bring her back to life Wang Lin looked up and his eyes were bloodshot This kind of struggle and choice was comparable to a fierce battle for him! A deep sigh sounded in the sky and the voice of a generation of rosefinches came with it

When you opened the storage space before the old man saw the coffin This woman must be your obsession This coffin should be the sacrifice of later generations the old man has not seen but can feel the role of this thing from it This woman is Shouyuan cut off yuan Ying has been hit hard has died You buried yuan Ying in this coffin and re-formed her body but the soul of this woman has collapsed Wang Lin trembled and stared at Li Muwan in the coffin This coffin is very empty lotion tubes strange can faintly make the collapse of the soul in the world a short time will not dissipate if we can find the right way to control perhaps we can find those broken souls one by one But even so even if you find all the souls and want her to come back to life I can't do it Wang Lin's heart was filled with despair his eyes gradually dimmed staring at the coffin his heart seemed to be torn apart and his pain was like a tide However the old man can not do does not mean that others can not do in the old man's hometown can let this soul fusion and make this female resurrection there are three people!

Only These three people all are extremely respected the old man can not please move them But you can rest assured that I will do my best A generation of rosefinch was silent for a moment and said slowly Wang Lin did not look up silently withdrew his eyes looking at the coffin his right hand clapped on it the light of the coffin flashed and he took it back into the storage space Lao Zu said that the three people too far away from the younger generation these three people can do this must also be related to the cultivation their cultivation should be unfathomable Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the statue of a generation of rosefinches Although his eyes were still filled with red silk he was not struggling but showing Pure Brightness and firmness

The younger generation also wants to be comfortable in this life tired of the scenes of life and death in the realm of cultivation tired of all kinds of treacherous hearts want to stay here and grow old silently even if this life stops at the third step what's the harm With a bright light in his eyes Wang Lin continued to whisper "It's just that the younger generation can't do it pump tube " The matter of asking for help is too vague life and death are between the thoughts of others and there is no choice for me In that case I simply do not go to ask for help they can repair to such an extent I Wang Lin can also! “…… It's all right! These three words although the voice is not loud but from Wang Lin's mouth his whole person seems to be an indescribable force into the whole body the whole person reveals an amazing towering These three words like an echo in this world roaring spread even that generation of rosefinches is also a congealed eyes The body of the ancient gods I can't give up! In addition to the four sources of fire I can not give up even if this road is difficult I will go on! I can't let my cultivation stop As soon as

Wang Lin bowed to a generation of rosefinches he stepped forward into the void and stepped into the sky "Lao Zu is well-intentioned and the younger generation appreciates it" Whether it is the five failures of heaven and man or the five fingers of breaking the sky it is the monk's own realization that he has broken the unprecedented savings and preparations That being the case why can't the younger generation also realize on their own and walk out of a path of spiritual practice that belongs to Wang Lin aluminium laminated tube alone! The older generation has just said that the five declines are like fingers only when the five fingers are complete can one hand cover the sky these five declines the younger generation does not want to spend! The body of the ancient gods is the palm of the younger generation's practice and the five sources are the five fingers of the younger generation! The names of the Five Declines of Heaven and Man the Five Fingers of Breaking the Sky and the

Five Ways of Origin are different but the meanings are the same! I am a source of great achievements which is equivalent to a decline in cultivation After all the five sources of great achievements I am the perfect monk of the five declines of heaven and man I will open the empty door and become Wang's own way! Volume VII Chapter 1419 Come! Chapter 1419 come! Wang Lin in midair folded his fists at the statue of a generation of rosefinches With a wave of his right hand in the void the bloody sword in front of the statue immediately sent out an astonishing sound It suddenly pulled back and went straight to Wang Lin His words with a very firm meaning fell on the ears of a generation of rosefinches making a generation of rosefinches silent Wang Lin looked up at the sky burning flames in his left eye and flashing thunder in his right eye The whole person stood there as if supporting heaven and earth His deep voice was like

Wei and his voice echoed Resurrect Waner since I can't count on others I only rely on my own strength! Since Lao Zu can't take all my friends away I'll stay open the day take all my friends and ascend to immortality together! His words like a declaration are vast in the world like thunder rolling earth-shaking If leaving this world is compared to becoming an immortal Wang Lin's words are not only to become an immortal himself but also to take all the people to become immortals together! After half a ring a generation of rosefinches sighed lightly Maybe you're right

That's all you passed the test of the heavenly realm I know you left the blood of the rosefinch on a wild star in the land of toppling in order to lure the fire sparrow clan to fetch it The picture should be the power of the fire source in the fire sparrow clan Although the rosefinch awakens four times and gives birth to virtual fire if you can devour the source left by the three generations of evil sparrows of the Fire Sparrow Clan it will greatly increase your source of fire! Although the three generations of evil sparrows were created by human beings their talent was the first one I saw in my life Although he was hit hard by the old man in those years he was highly cultivated and his character was even more treacherous There must be a way out in those years emptycosmetictubes.com