Volume II First Step on Xiuxian Road Chapter 129 Qingyan Zhenren Han Li had just taken a few steps when he heard someone calling him in the distance This way Brother Han! When Han Li heard this he looked at the voice and saw Wan Xiaoshan standing beside an old man in a green shirt waving to him Han Li smiled and walked quickly When he reached the old man in the green shirt Wan Xiaoshan introduced to Han Li "This is Qingyan Zhenren of Tainan Valley who is a close friend of my father This Tainan Meeting is co-hosted by him and several other predecessors"

As soon as Han Li heard the young man's words he couldn't help looking at Qingyan Zhenren carefully The old man was tall and thin with broad shoulders and long hands He was wearing a blue Confucian shirt but he had the look of an immortal who was out of the dust It's just that he has a blue face which is really amazing! Then the young man said to the old man "Brother Han I just met him outside the valley Although he is a casual practitioner we are very talkative Uncle should take care of him a little more" The old man also looked at Han Li and suddenly he narrowed his eyes and said to Han Li "Han Xiaoyou's empty cosmetic tubes wood attribute skills are well practiced!"! Young age has been practiced to the eighth level such a level even in the Xiuxian family is rare ah! Han Li listened to the praise of Qingyan Zhenren and smiled bitterly in his heart If he hadn't taken a lot of elixirs how could he have practiced to the eighth level I guess I'm still climbing between the third and fourth floors! On the surface however he was still very respectful and modest "Qinglao praised me but I was just lucky" Qingyan Zhenren nodded faintly no longer saying anything to him but turned to Wan Xiaoshan "Little fellow the rest of your family have come They are all very worried about you Let me take you to see them as soon as I see you Come with me now!" When Wan Xiaoshan heard this he could not help crying Will not my seven elder sister and nine elder brother also come I'm most afraid of their nagging Can't I go Wan Xiaoshan looked at

Qingyan Zhenren hopefully "What do you think" Asked Qingyan Zhenren "Of course not!" Wan Xiaoshan answered dejectedly to himself Hum! How dare you sneak out without telling your family If you meet some immortals with bad intentions on the way you'll have to explain how many lives you have here! When Qingyan Zhenren said this he glanced slightly at Han Li This old man can not be authentic this is clearly implying that he is the mind of the immortal deliberately close to this ten thousand boys Han Li looked at him coldly and naturally recognized the meaning of the words of the Qingyan real person Hi! It is rare to meet such a young master who knows everything but it seems that we have to break up temporarily! Otherwise this Qingyan real person will give some small shoes to wear casually and he will be in trouble! Han Li thought helplessly Now that Brother Wan is going to see his family I'll go around alone first and then I'll have a chance to drink with Brother Xiaoshan Han Liyi folded his fists and said to Wan Xiaoshan and Qingyan Zhenren cosmetic plastic tube Ah! Don't panic I'm going to introduce you to "Han Xiaoyou has something important to deal with so don't make trouble for others!" When Wan Xiaoshan saw that Han Li was leaving he hurried to say something more but was pulled by Qingyan Zhenren and stopped the words first Seeing this Han Li gave Wan Xiaoshan a brilliant smile and turned to continue walking toward the square And the teenager like a prisoner who was taken to the execution ground with a bitter face followed behind Qingyan Zhenren slowly moving towards the direction of the pavilion

Han Li was treated like this by Qingyan Zhenren but there was nothing to be angry about! After pump tube all any elder who sees a friend of unknown origin around his son and nephew will first look at him with suspicion not to mention the immortal family like Wan Xiaoshan However Han Li himself really has no malice to Wan Xiaoshan just purely want to know more about Xiuxian from his mouth but did not want to be such a bar by Qingyan Zhenren only to find someone else to act according to circumstances! Han Li thought so but people gradually approached the square where the stalls were set up

The stalls of the immortals surrounded by a relatively wide square sparsely laid out a "back" shaped path And those who choose to trade goods then walk in twos and threes in the middle of the open space with stalls on both sides coming and going but also quite a bit of secular business atmosphere By this time the sky was dark but the square was bright and in front of most of the stalls there were huge lamps of uniform style which were made of bronze antique and about one meter high But on these lamps there is no burning material such as lamp oil but a white stone the size of a fist which emits soft light all over the body The light emitted by these stones is much brighter than that of ordinary oil lamps Not only does it illuminate the stalls under the lamps as if they were in the daytime but even the nearby roads are clearly visible It's really a wonderful thing! Han Li saw this scene can not help but secretly some "tut" surprised Although it was already late there were many more people in the square than just now Not only were some new stalls added but also a large number of people visited the stalls

A large number of immortals poured into the square at this time making the place very lively for a while Han Li slowly approached the square but did not immediately go in but stayed nearby observing these immortals coming and going Because the distance is relatively close so the appearance of these immortals is really an eye-opener for Han Li Some immortals wear very simple clothes only a few vital parts are covered and the rest are naked But some of them are wrapped up and down and their skin is not exposed which is just the opposite of another person What's more I saw an immortal who was obviously a man's appearance but dressed like a woman which made Han Li want to vomit for a while Fortunately however such a sorcerer is rare and although most people dress up strangely Han Li can still accept it After observing in this way for a while Han Li's expression suddenly moved and his eyes flashed! emptycosmetictubes.com