Vladimir Andreitch was approaching a station from which he was to transfer to the village of Gischennevka He was filled with a gloomy foreboding that he would not see his father alive and he imagined the melancholy life of the country that awaited him the desolation the loneliness the poverty and the care and labor for household chores that he was completely unfamiliar with When he reached the station he went in and asked the stationmaster for horses When the stationmaster asked him where he was going he told him that the horses sent collapsible pallet box from the village of Gischennevka had been waiting for him here for four days Then the old coachman Anton who had led him into the stable to play and looked after his pony when he was a child appeared in front of him As soon as old Anton saw him his eyes filled with tears he bowed to the ground told him that his old master was still alive and immediately ran to harness his horse Vladimir Andreitch declined breakfast and set off in haste

Anton drives the car and takes the path The master and servant began to talk to each other Please tell me Anton! What happened between my father and Troyegulov God knows Master Vladimir Andreitch! When he heard that his lordship had a quarrel with Kirila Petrovich the man went to court to complain-but he was a judge himself We servants shouldn't have talked about our master but to tell you the truth your father shouldn't have fallen out with Kirila Petrovich "So does this Kirila Petrovich really do whatever she wants" Of course young master! The jury didn't care about him at all and the county chief of police served him The rich men all went to his house to show their filial piety They really knocked on the piggy bowl and the piglets squeezed through the door! "Is it true that he wants to rob my family's land" "Alas!"! Young master! We heard about that too A few days earlier the deacon of the church in the village of Pokrovskoye was having a baptism of wine at the home of our village chief He said You are happy enough You are about to fall into the hands of Kirila Petrovich Blacksmith Nikita said to him Come on! Savelitch! Don't upset the in-laws and don't worry the guests Of course Kirila Petrovich is a master and so is

Andrei Gavrilovich And we are all subjects of foldable bulk container God and the Czar Anyway you can't stop other people's mouths "So you don't want Troyegulov to manage you" Held hostage by Kirila Petrovich! God spare us! The life of his own men was difficult enough not to mention that outsiders fell into his hands It would be strange if they didn't peel off a layer of skin They could eat meat without spitting bones! Nope! May God bless Andre Gavrilovich with a long life If God wants him to ascend to heaven then we don't want anyone except you our little master Do not forsake us and we will follow you forever With these words Anton raised his whip and shook the reins and the horse galloped forward Dubrovsky was deeply moved by the old coachman's words of loyalty and he was silent and thoughtful again About an hour later Grisha suddenly cried out "The village of Pokrovskoye!" Awakened Dubrovsky looked up collapsible bulk container They were galloping on the banks of an open lake from which a small river flowed winding between distant hills On a hillside the trees were lush and green with high green roofs and huge stone houses and pointed watchtowers;

On another hillside stood five dome-roofed churches and an ancient bell tower surrounded by wooden farmhouses with a fence and a well in front of the door Dubrovsky recognized the place He remembered that on the same hillside he had played with little Masha Troyegurova who was two years younger than he and could see that she was going to be beautiful He wanted to ask Anton about her but a genuine shyness prevented him from saying so As he neared his master's house he caught a glimpse of a white dress fluttering in the shade of the garden At this moment Anton lashed out a few whips He was lured by the ruthless heart of the urban and rural handlebars He flew across the bridge at full speed and the village flashed by Out of the village the carriage climbed the hillside and Vladimir saw a birch forest with a small gray house with a red roof on the left side of the open space His heart fluttered In front of him was the humble house of Gischennevka and his father Ten minutes later he entered the master's courtyard He looked around with indescribable excitement He had not seen his former residence for twelve years! The little birch that was planted beside the fence has now grown into a towering tree with luxuriant branches and leaves There had been three neat plastic bulk containers flower beds in the courtyard with a wide corridor in the middle which had been cleaned up but now it was overgrown with weeds where a stumbling horse was eating grass Several dogs barked a few times but when they saw Anton they stopped barking and wagged their bushy tails A crowd of servants poured out of the wing and surrounded the young master clamoring their joy He managed to push his way through the enthusiastic crowd and up the shabby steps and Egorovna met him in the vestibule holding him in her arms and weeping How are you?! How are you?! Mammy! He said again and again hugging the kind old lady tightly

"Where is Dad" How is he At that moment a tall old man entered the drawing-room pale and thin walking with difficulty in his robe and nightcap Hello! Volojika! His voice was weak he said and Vladimir threw an emotional hug around his father The joy shook the sick man so much that he lost his strength and could not stand on his feet If his son had not supported him he would have fallen What do you get up for Yegorovna said "I can't even stand steadily but where there are many people I insist on pushing there" Help the old man into the bedroom He tried his best to talk to his son but his thoughts were mixed up and his words were topsy-turvy After a while he was silent and fell into a deep sleep His illness surprised Vladimir He settled down in this bedroom and wanted to stay here alone with his father Then they turned to Grisha and took him to the servant's lower room where he was fed with the richness of a country meal and was exhausted by his affectionate attention his inquiries and his thoughtfulness cnplasticpallet.com