The skeleton monk replied "If I have to trace back to the origin I am the Buddha in his previous life but all living beings are equal Now I am an ordinary monk I am here only to save all living beings so that millions of evil souls can be liberated as soon as possible and ascend to the Pure Land of Bliss" I regard you as the same You are demons Only for my Buddha can you be transformed Lao Na is here to transform all demons into Buddhas "Ha ha" Chen Nan laughed and said "You said you were the ancestor of Buddhism in a previous life" Ha-ha It's ridiculous If you are really the predecessor of Buddha I am still the reincarnation of the first demon God in ancient times! "

Amitabha the people of the world are full of anger and delusion In a moment of doing good and doing evil the benefactor has been poisoned by evil thoughts I hope you will turn back soon" "Don't pretend to be a ghost for me you big head ghost" Chen Nan did not believe that he was the predecessor of Buddha at all nor would he heavy duty plastic pallet believe his words He asked again "I came to explore the eternal forest Why do I feel that I have entered another world Is it a world of its own" "Amitabha of course there is a world of its own here" The eternal forest is a world What's going on here How did this world come into being What kind of secret is hidden here "Buddha said don't say don't say!" The skeleton monk recites the name of the Buddha and does not reply Chen Nan felt that the monk was very difficult to deal with when he saw the other side's appearance as a master of the Tao and answered him calmly and patiently At this time the dragon baby looked at the skeleton monk's chest gulped down a mouthful of saliva stood on Chen Nan's shoulder and whispered to him "This skeleton is very strong very strong we may not be able to deal with it" The little phoenix stood on his other shoulder and said timidly "He is very strong I am very afraid" "I know he's strong but we have no way out"

Chen Nan is in a heavy mood Zijin Shenlong and Chen Nan stood side by side and whispered "Maybe it's true what the dead monk said I heard that the Buddha had twelve saris when he became a Buddha Later when he ascended to the paradise I don't know why there were only nine left" There is a saying that it was destroyed in order to subdue several gods and demons and there is also a saying that the other three saris were left in the bones of the human world by him to remove and remove demons on his behalf Look at the three saris suspended in his chest all the size of fists all stackable plastic pallets emitting blazing sacred light it is obvious that they are the best saris at the Buddha level so I want He may really be the legendary dead bald past life Chen Nan had a big head for a while He didn't expect to meet such a character The member's hand may be the predecessor of the heavenly ancestor Although it's a skeleton the sarira is real

If you want to fight with it I'm afraid it's hard to win Dead monk what do you want "Amitabha it seems that you have a deep demon seed Only with my profound Buddha Dharma can you save it Let me save it and become a Buddha" The skeleton monk was still sitting cross-legged but one arm had been raised and the jade bone of his hand sent out a golden divine light enveloping Chen Nan Chen Nan did not want to the death of the magic knife in the hands and then mercilessly toward the Buddha light split "Bang" The golden Buddha's light euro plastic pallet like a tangible and qualitative gold was not only damaged by the invincible magic knife but also burst out of the magic knife sending out a harsh sound of attack At the same time the Ruffian Dragon Zijin nunchakus also mercilessly split on the Buddha's light but the nunchakus was also broken away and the old Ruffian grinned his teeth and almost lost his nunchak With a roar the baby dragon opened its mouth and spat out a huge flash of lightning which bombarded him forward The little phoenix opened its mouth and spat out the unquenchable fire It kept shouting in its mouth "

I spit I spit I spit hard" Huge lightning and burning divine fire all hit the place of divine light but still failed the two little guys were also shaken out by their own strength One person three gods and beasts were shaken over the sea of blood and flew out dozens of feet before they stopped Chen Nan was shocked The skeleton was so strong that it was unimaginable Now he finally understood why none of the previous fighting gods and Dharma gods could survive from this world The dangers here are unimaginable and the skeleton monks in front of us are unfathomable not to mention the unknown dangers ahead Amitabha my Buddha is merciful and becomes a Buddha The skeleton monk recited the name of the

Buddha sat cross-legged in the void and flew towards Chen Nan At the same time he lifted his hand bone and shot out a bright divine light again Damn it there is no justice How can I meet such a pervert The dead monk must be the predecessor of the bald man in the legend otherwise he could not be so powerful and abnormal The purple and gold dragon howled Oh God of light where are you I Dade Dawei Baby Tianlong ask you to come to the rescue! The baby dragon stretched out a small golden claw and kept stroking the third horn on his forehead Part II Chapter 111 Gods and Demons Surprise Buddha The two dragons were very surprised and reacted differently The little phoenix also showed some fear the little one's unremitting efforts constantly spewing out the flaming fire at the same plastic pallet box time constantly sending out a clear phoenix song "I spit I spit I spit again" The divine fire is flying all over the sky At this time

Chen Nan held the death magic knife stepped on the magic cloud rushed forward and shouted "You all step back a little and let me try again" The bright Dao Mang tore the void as long as nearly twenty Zhangs of substantive Dao Gang and mercilessly split the Buddha's light When "" With a loud noise Dao Gang broke and the Buddha's light still shot forward Chen Nan's body shook his face turned white and he felt as if he had been hit by a mountain However he did not stop at this point waving the magic knife again mouth drinking "Seven magic knives against the sky!" " Tragic black knife gas burst out Chen Nan with indomitable momentum holding the magic knife to split forward again When "" The sound of metal hitting the sky through the clouds down to the sea of blood high above the sky the wind and clouds surge thunder bursts In the sea of blood the waves are turbulent and stormy The blood-red water almost surged into the sky and countless skeletons in the blood were shattered by the shock Chen Nan was shocked again but he was not discouraged quickly stabilized the body holding the magic knife forward again fiercely waved away