There are several political cartoons in Johnny's notebook Stilson has an infectious crooked grin in all his cartoons always wearing his construction worker's hard hat Oliphant drew a picture of Gleick rolling a barrel of oil in the aisle of the House of Representatives with the word "limit" written on the barrel and a hard hat tilted on his head In the front Jimmy Carter was scratching his head and looking confused He wasn't looking at Gleick which seemed to indicate that he was going to be knocked down The caption below the cartoon reads "Get out of the way Jimmy!" Hard hat Hard hats upset Johnny the most Republicans have elephants Democrats have donkeys)

Gleick Stillson has his drum spill containment hard hat In Johnnie's dreams Gratin appears to be wearing a motorcycle helmet at times and a coal miner's hard hat at others There was a notebook full of newspaper clippings his father had sent him about the Casey fire He read the clippings over and over again though Sam Rogor and even his father couldn't guess why he did it The psychic knew about the fire in advance "My daughter would have died too" the grateful mother said tearfully (that was Patty's mother) "The psychic who solved the Fort Rock murders predicted the fire again" "The death toll from the fire was ninety-one Father said John Smith had left New England and refused to give reasons" His picture A picture of his father A picture of the car accident a long time ago when Sarah was his girlfriend Now Sarah is a mother of two children Herb said in a recent letter that Sarah had white hair He couldn't believe he was thirty-one but it was true The clippings were surrounded by notes he had written and he tried to clear his mind No one understood what the fire really meant "It suggested what to do about Gleick Stillson" "I have to do something about Stilson" he wrote I have to do this I was right about Casey so I should be right about him I have no doubt about it He will become president and start a war-or cause a war through negligence with the same result "The question is What measures need to be taken" "Take Casey for example as if God had specifically informed me my God!"! That sounds like my mother but it's true I know there will be a fire and people will die Is this going to save them The answer is that it can't save everyone because people only believe in facts Those who came to chevos' house were saved but you know chevos didn't hold the party because he believed in my prophecy He doesn't believe it at all He had the party because he thought it would calm me down

He He's humoring me He believed it later Patty's mother believed it later Then-then-then it was late and people were burned to death "So question two can I change the result plastic pallet supplier " "Yes" I could drive a car through Casey's front door Or I could burn it myself that afternoon "Question 3 What are the consequences of these two actions for me" "You could go to jail" If I had chosen to hit it with a car and lightning struck it that night then I could argue No it doesn't work Under normal circumstances people may be able to recognize some kind of special power but the law certainly does not recognize this I now think that if I could do it again I would do it regardless of the consequences Is it that I don't trust my hunch completely "Stilson's case is the same as the fire case in all respects but I have more time to think about it"

So back to the point I don't want Gleick Stillson as president of the United States How can I change that result Go back to New Hampshire and join his party Trying to undermine the America Today Party and discredit him They have a lot of scandals inside Maybe I can find one Two hire someone to dig up his dirty work Rogor has enough money left to hire a very good man) On the other hand I think Rancho is very good and Rancho is dead Three hurt him or cripple him It's like Arthur Bremmer making Chinese dishes Someone who made Larry Flint look like a cripple

"Four kill him" Assassinate him Now some inadequacies The first option is hardly guaranteed to succeed I might end up with nothing and get beaten up What's worse the guy in Eriman probably knows my face from what happened at the Trimble rally Isn't it normal to have a profile on people who might threaten you I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that Stillson hired someone to collect spill plastic pallet the latest news about the weirdos and crazies and put it in the archives Those weirdos and crazies must include me What about the second option Maybe all the scandals have been well covered up If Stilson had been determined to climb the ladder again as his behavior suggests he might have cleared his name Besides a scandal is only a scandal if the newspaper wants to create one and the newspaper loves Stilson He has a good relationship with them In the novel

I can turn myself into a detective and find his shortcomings But the sad truth is I don't know where to start You could argue that my powers would help me If I can find out the truth about Lancock's murder that will do the trick But it's possible that Stillson could leave it all in the hands of Sony Eriman And while I have my suspicions I can't be certain that Rancourt was still tracking Stilson when he was killed Even if I could hang Elliman I still might not have destroyed Stilson "On the whole the second option does not succeed" It's very risky I don't dare to think about it very often Every time I think about it my head hurts very much 。