Mingshu was thrown in front of a table Liu Zhihan brought the group of brothers around "Sister what is your relationship with him" “…… It doesn't matter It doesn't matter He took you with him Don't lie to your brother What's your relationship with him Liu Zhihan winked at Mingshu It really doesn't matter Not yet I don't believe it Zong Yu is a female insulator I haven't seen any other females around him except Jiang Xiaocai and his sister Jiang Xiaocai is still hot Ah Yu ignores her Jiang Xiaocai Did you meet the little girl who called you a pervert before "Sister" Liu Zhihan winked at Mingshu and his eyes were full of gossip fire "Tell your brother quickly what's your relationship with him"

Mingshu took one look at Zong Yu and said "I rent his house" Count me the landlord "They're all living together!" Liu Zhihan gave a loud cry A lot of people followed the heckling for a while "Rent and live together are two words" said Mingshu "Almost almost" “……” It's a lot worse okay When Liu Zhihan and Mingshu were talking Zong Yu just looked at them and did not stop them or express his opinions Mingshu has a simple understanding of this group of people plastic pallet manufacturer They are all friends of Zong Yu Of course friends are also divided into familiar and unfamiliar Liu Zhihan who has been talking to her all the time is obviously familiar with her and may even be a good friend Since it was brought by Ah Yu you can play as you like If you need anything you can tell your brother My brother promises to help you solve it Liu Zhihan patted his chest and promised He looked at the curious people around him "All right let's spread out Don't scare the little sister" "Know the cold" The man next to him dragged Liu Zhihan to the periphery This woman is of unknown origin Do you think

Ah Yu will be cheated "You think so" "Women these days are all about money and I think we need to look into it" "That makes sense" Liu Zhihan agreed "but she lives with Ah Yu and I'll cover her words for a while" "Ah Yu" I'm worried You said his sister left and he sold everything leaving only Liu Zhihan patted him on the shoulder and went back to Mingshu Sister Liu Zhihan leaned over to Mingshu "Tell me where does he live now" Zong Yu suddenly handed the mobile phone to Ming Shu Liu Zhihan stretched his neck to see As a result Zong Yu took his cell phone back when he saw everything He wouldn't let me tell you

Mingshu shrugged his shoulders Zong Yu glanced at her Liu Zhihan almost pounded the table Are you friends or not! No one knows where he lives now Usually about ten times he can come out once in a good mood Liu Zhihan told himself to calm down "that little sister plastic pallet bin we add a > Mingshu look at Zong Yu the latter hung his head and fiddled with his cell phone did not stop" Mingshu and Liu Zhihan happily added WeChat and the next few also crowded up to add After all this is a rare animal brought by Zong Yu! Finally Liu Zhihan drove him away Someone brought them a barbecue and Mingshu was even more pleasant than before Zong Yu suddenly got up He bent his fingers and knocked on the table next to Mingshu Mingshu looked up at him blankly What are you doing There is a word written on the screen of Zong Yu's mobile phone I haven't eaten yet

No matter what she said Zong Yu lifted his feet and left Liu Zhihan called out "ah Ah Yu did you leave" Yu raised his hand and waved Mingshu hurriedly said hello to them and took two skewers of barbecue to catch up with them Zhihan what's the background of this woman Liu Zhihan scratched his hair irritably "I don't know Go and check" I think she seems to have a good character always smiling should not be a bad person right It's good for Ah Yu to have someone to accompany him The bad man's face says I'm a bad man! How many years has Jiang Xiaocai been pestering Ah Yu Did he take a second look It's so strange that this woman suddenly appeared when she had never seen her before Liu Zhihan slapped him in the past "You are less addicted to women for a day check!" “……” Zong Yu walked fast with long legs Ming Shu caught up with him He was already in the car the same one with two wheels Mingshu took two bites of the barbecue in silence This is totally inconsistent with his temperament! But when you think about his tattoos it seems like It's also very social

Zong met Mingshu standing over there and honked his horn Mingshu hurriedly got on the bus and Zong Yu handed her the helmet Disuse Zong Yu directly covered her head The helmet is a little big like a basin on the head Mingshu pushed up the helmet took off the barbecue buckled the helmet and hugged Zong Yu's waist Zong Yu lowered his eyes slightly and took a look at the white hands at his waist His plastic pallet supplier eyes changed a little and were fleeting He started the car The seaside was far away from where they lived and Mingshu was a little sleepy at night Zong Yu also controlled the speed very slowly and the wind blew on him making him feel even more sleepy She urged Zong Yu "Mr Landlord do you drive faster"

Zong Yu was unmoved Big nights are good for drag racing What about your previous passion Why are you so dilly-dallying! Zong Yu suddenly stopped the car and took out his cell phone to type If you speak again you will go down "I'm very sleepy" Mingshu suddenly got out of the car and drove Zong Yu to the back "I'll drive You're a big man When a big girl gets married she doesn't want to leave" Zong Yu who was suddenly dragged to the back "… …" Is Mingshu a straight man today # Ask for the ticket of dragon and phoenix double hammer flavor # A monthly ticket my dear! Cast a monthly ticket! It's the end of the month! Monthly ticket! Monthly ticket! Chapter 1548 finally meet Zhiye (10) Mingshu's driving skills are fairly good It's just a little floating occasionally Zong Yu had never been brought up like this not even by anyone he knew His eyes drooped and he hugged the slender waist of the girl in front of him and the good smell of the girl on her body kept coming over Zong Yu probably did not expect that one day he would be taken back like this When he got off the bus Zong Yu was obviously angry Turn up the font on your phone No more self-assertion!!! 。 cnplasticpallet.com