Good Longyin! Unexpectedly Zuni is six feet high and its wings are ten feet and two feet wide It is especially magnificent and powerful Not to mention lions and tigers even an elephant can tear it apart It has the spirit of being the king of the world the king of all birds and the spleen of all things! The carved body looks like a straight one! Diao's eyes were shining and cold and he said to Huang Minyi "Look!"! Look! Two as if to say "Who are you" Huang Minyi looks excited! As if he understood the language of birds he pouted and pointed horizontally "Look" Look Intermittent responses The big eagle's eyes turned to be gentle and not hostile however the head of the eagle a setback looked at these irrelevant people in the open space and his expression turned to a sharp "look-look-" two times as if to say "Who are these primates"

A carving and a girl kept looking back and forth and chatted with each other which made the people present surprised and happy They really couldn't figure it out Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl Huang Minyi knows the language of birds! What a surprise In particular the little Huang Peng bird also chirped to participate in the topic In an instant it flew onto the head of the big eagle perky like a big man jumping for joy but it was spread right wing to meet the forehead a sweep only to see a little yellow was patted down to ten feet away in the peach blossom forest no trace! It's really amazing! The crowd could not help laughing Longley seems to be common straight shake its head way "Don't pay any attention to my precious daughter I don't know where she got a" beast chasing magic "a few years ago She's still crazy now Let's go into the house and drink!" Ma Dai looked surprised! Rub double palm flank shoulder bow shape like respect seem to have a way "Elder Huang!"!

The little one treats you like a father and buys wine to honor you every day Can you reveal a little secret of "the magic of animals" and teach the little one to speak the language of lions Nope! If you don't learn well you will be bitten to death! Just teach the bird the language Longley look at him a sleep tease tease way "How can I be orange" Just play with your own crow and bird! "There was no understanding for a moment!"! Did Ma Dai really throw his pants with both hands to block a surprise "What the hell is that" Han Tou Han brain Leng Tou Qing asked; Jiang Miaojing blushed with shame pursed her lips and hurried into the room Zhuge Liang raised his feather fan and patted Ma Dai on the back of his head with a smile Don't make a fool of yourself here! Come in the house Ma Dai understands now! A face fly red dig a dig the back of the head way "Huang Laojian generation!"! Always joking and eating my dried tofu Huang Chengyan laughed! Smoking tobacco pole swaggering into the bamboo house Zhuge Liang and ma Dai followed laughter is still dragging the rear Time for a meal Stainless Steel Prison Toilet Huang Minyi entered the room and saw everyone looking forward to the content of the conversation between people and animals "This big eagle will be called"

Xiaobai "in the future! I'm three years old this year I just learned to fly I broke away from my parents' big eagle I met my natural enemy the big eagle bird chasing and fighting I fled from the northwest to the east but I lost my way It's a predestined relationship with us I want to live here temporarily Huang Chengyan stays! Nervously said "What" If we eat a pig in just one meal won't we lose Kao Ben Huang Minyi smiled "Dad!"! Small white brought important information how can it be said to eat for free You are so angry! Ma Dai quickly interrupted "I will take care of Xiaobai's three meals!"! All the food expenses are on me as long as he obeys me! Zhuge Liang sword eyebrows a frown way "Ma Dai!"! You don't have the ability yet Listen to Prison toilet for sale Miss Huang's information and don't disturb the situation here! Huang Minyi Yan ran way "Xiaobai flew through a very large waterfall during this period of time and in the southwest direction he saw the wind and dust rolling and the people and horses that could not be calculated came in this direction in a murderous manner!" Ma Dai was so clever that he took out a map from his bosom and spread it out on the table He circled all kinds of color marks It was so messy that no one could understand it even if it was lost Zhuge Liang will feather fan in the back of the collar pointing to the map way "If Xiaobai is trained to communicate again!"! It is indeed a good helper to spy on the enemy in the future

It said a "very big waterfall" should not only be very big; because in terms of its flight speed it is judged to be in the southwest also west of the border with Henan "Longmen Waterfall" Yuwang City site not the Yellow River Basin Dense troops "should refer to more than one hundred thousand troops!" As soon as Huang Minyi looked at the map her eyes were bright as if she had found something and she pointed to a circle of cinnabar on the map "Brother Zhuge!"! You call Ma Dai to spread "the emperor is not the emperor the king is not the king Stainless Steel Trough Urinal thousands of riding to the north" Isn't it just that there is Mount Mang in the north of Henan County so it's called the Mang Mountain Isn't it on the way Zhuge Liang is shocked! When I was nine years old I worked with my uncle Zhuge Xuan at night to see the celestial phenomena of "Star Fire Rain" which unlocked the mysterious prophecy of my grandfather Did not add a person kill! Qian Ri Er Tou Cao — — the argot of "Dong" Ten days owe one-the argot of the word "Zhuo"

The world is divided and governed A face of excitement blurted out "Xiliang Dong Zhuo's military forces!" People are confused! How could he swear and make a firm judgment Zhuge Liang saw that everyone looked suspicious so he roughly said the contents of the prophecies and let go of the doubts in their hearts and gained the respect and trust of all the people Ma Dai eyebrows a wrinkly way "No wonder!"! A few months ago there was a "martial arts meeting" at the White Horse Temple which was originally very busy The owners of the "Twenty-Four Forts" in the northeast all attended Unexpectedly hundreds of monks all disappeared overnight It's the most sensational headless case in Wulin in a hundred years It must have something to do with the prophecy! Don't be so smelly! Where do you appear to be imposing I'm about to be forgotten God knows! No one dares to say that he is wrong So many arrows were fired at random and no one took it seriously because they couldn't figure out the direction of the north south east and west! Right now! Outside the "Peach Star Seven Star Array"! Spread to a burst of weapons people shout fighting sound Look-- Diao Xiaobai infected with that boundless murderous look! Instantly flutter wings into the sky and go blowing the wind rotation doors and windows "Ka!"! Ka! Make a sound