Shangqing Zong's pale blue Taoist robe was worn on his body showing the cold temperament of ice crystal frost and snow His eyes were cold his eyes were deep his face was handsome and elegant he was tall and slender and he stood there with a pair of long legs of 12 meters Dressed in a simple Taoist robe he could not hide his elegance Like frost and snow the clear flowers blooming in the ice field And when he saw the young man trotting towards him there was a touch of warmth in his cold and merciless eyes a faint smile on his handsome and clear face and a slight rise in the corners of his lips as if the spring breeze had come overnight and flowers were blooming Brother Jiang Xue you're back!

Ye Wushen trotted to Ye Jiangxue and took a few breaths His face was red and he looked excited "Why are you back" "I thought you weren't coming back this year" Ye Wushen said I don't blame him for being so excited Monasticism has no time and monastics have no sense of the passage of time A retreat can be as short as Stainless Steel Shower Tray more than ten years and the elderly can be as long as decades or hundreds of years Not to mention going out to travel it is common to come back only once in a few years or decades And the monks have always understood that it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books Their own life is the truth that they come out by themselves Therefore they have never stopped the younger generation from going out to travel and increase their knowledge Even if the heart is concerned it has not stopped them from flying to the distant wings of the sky The last time Ye Jiangxue came back it was three years ago This year is late autumn also did not see Ye Jiangxue said to come back Ye Wushen took it for granted that he would not come back this year The last time I wrote to him I complained in the letter that I haven't seen you for a long time and I can't remember what you look like If you don't come back

I'm afraid I'll forget your brother As a result where to know this letter has not been sent out a few days Ye Jiangxue he came back how can Ye fog sink not like Surprise and delight a well-deserved surprise Hearing the words of the younger brother at home Ye Jiangxue's eyes flashed a warm light reached out and gently rubbed his head a few times slender white fingers fell on the fluffy dark hair in the sun shining with a faint luster like a jade carving beauty I got a letter from my father Ye Jiangxue said in a faint voice When Ye Wushen heard this his face was full of sadness He looked at him accusingly and said "So you came back because Stainless Steel Squatting Pan your father called you back because you had something to do" "Then I said I missed you so many times why didn't you come back" Ye Wushen was unhappy and dissatisfied and he was jealous Jealous face let him beyond recognition he is going to make trouble! Ye Jiangxue Wen Yan a pair of dark and transparent eyes looked at him eyes confused tone hesitated "you" Miss me “……” The leaves are foggy Look down at your toes No I just think about it occasionally when I'm alone After all you're my brother I think you're normal Ye Wushen said and as he spoke he convinced himself That's the truth! "

I'd be surprised if I didn't miss you" he said indignantly "How can you not miss your relatives who have not returned from a long journey" Ye Wushen spoke plausibly using momentum to cover up his shyness and unnaturalness at that moment Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo Miss you what really really it is too embarrassing! My face is hot When Ye Jiangxue heard this he stared at him for a long time Suddenly he laughed "Well" His voice was low and clear and he said with a smile "I see" Understand Understand what The leaf fog sinks under the heart to doubt then has not waited for him to think much a pair of broad slender big hands hugs his entire person !!!!!” The leaves are foggy The whole person was surprised Freeze there Ye Jiangxue stretched out his hands hugged him and encircled the young man in his arms Holding the man in his arms he sighed deeply and said with a sigh "You are still the same as before" “…… The same what Ye Mist leaned quietly in his arms buried his face in his chest and asked in a muffled voice

My heart is depressed and I always feel that I have lost I don't know where I lost but I just feel like I lost! Mingming Mingming is to give him a warm and loving welcome welcome back and so on He felt the warmth of his family and the care from his relatives Result Let's not talk about it I always feel that I have been teased "Oh-" Ye Jiangxue heard a deep laugh overhead He put his chin on the top of his younger brother's head His voice was smiling and he said "It's the same silly" “……” The leaves are foggy You lost me You this Bastard brother! Leaf fog deep gnash teeth I hate ah hate ah! Why do I have such a close brother The low laughter from overhead became heavier and heavier rich and Stainless Steel Toilet China mellow like a jar of old wine intoxicating You're still as duplicitous and dishonest as you were when you were a child Ye Jiangxue reached out and rubbed his head let him go and said to him "If you miss me speak frankly" "If you don't tell me how do I know you miss your brother" Ye Jiangxue said ……”

The leaves are foggy Grief and indignation in the eyes How do you not know! You know that okay You are so smart everyone says you are a rare genius how can you not know What I think in my heart Ye Wushen felt that the meaning of the letters he had written to Ye Jiangxue in the past was very obvious This guy clearly on purpose! Ye Jiangxue said I did it on purpose so what The younger brother in the family is too shy dishonest and always does not express his mind frankly which is really a headache Why bother Ye Jiangxue smiled at his little face of grief and indignation eyes accused of the younger brother heart way tease the younger brother what is the privilege of the elder brother ah! He just enjoys his privileges like all the brothers in the world Nope Don't represent all the elder brothers in the world casually The elder brothers said no appointment no appointment we don't make an appointment Gone gone back Ye Jiangxue took Ye Fog's hand and said Hand in hand