Lin Wufeng is not interested no matter what is published in the Brothel Records the world is too far away from him With a wave of his hand Lin Wufeng said All right Elder Martial Brother put it away and go back to take your time I want to buy some magic charms Zuo Lin was stunned the next moment "Brothel Records" disappeared from his hand the heart said that this is just right so as not to find an excuse not to let you see the last few pages this is the only shortcut for us unfashionable monks to reach the sky in one step otherwise where there will be so many people to rob this thing Hey if you can get away with this there will be times when you can rob Rubbing his hands

Zuo Lin stainless steel toilet restored the appearance of a tunnel hawker smiling tunnel "Come on Younger Martial Brother what kind of amulet do you want" Consciousness patronized the treasure bag Lin Wufeng way "There are seventy-seven spirit stones in total Elder Martial Brother help me to see what kind of spirit amulet I can buy It should be good for my life" Zuo Lin sighed and began to nag "I see Oh I don't know what you're thinking You want to offend the king of the grass to death" Well you already have the thunder-beast amulet and the weasel amulet I don't have any more than those two amulets in terms of flying speed or flexibility I also have two light amulets Take two more and you can speed up at the critical moment Five amulets can create clouds and cover your tracks It's better to use them in combination Five hundred poison charms are melted into the amulet With toxicity the opponent will not dare to rush around; The remaining ten pieces of wood escape amulet although only a product can only escape a mile at a time but it is better than nothing Give me a total of fifty Lingshi you just do that want to save your life you must have Lingshi in your hand otherwise no matter how many Lingshi you use it's useless Almost forgot this stubble Lingfu in hand but no use of True Qi that makes people want to cry without tears Lin Wufeng sweats slightly stainless steel squatting pan A rookie is a rookie He lacks experience in fighting and running for his life After the two

Lin Wufeng suddenly moved in his heart "By the way Elder Martial Brother is there a kind of invisible amulet" Zuo Lin's look suddenly became strange ………………………… A new week a new beginning please vote for support!!!! Solemnly declare this book alone all for the protagonist service there is no such thing as the emergence of an earthman dog blood plot Chapter 15 In the twilight by the stream Lin Wufeng took out a magic amulet injected True Qi into it and patted it on his body The golden light of the amulet was wrapped around his body However before it was wrapped around his body the golden light suddenly trembled and disappeared When he looked again the amulet had already turned to ashes Frowning slightly Lin Wufeng took out another magic amulet and acted in accordance with the law but the result was still the same Continue Before and after Lin Wufeng took out a total of eight magic charms but none of them could stick to the end and all of them disappeared halfway No wonder it's a free gift It's all waste amulets Invisible Hey Time Delay Tap Look at the sky already dark pineal gland aura into the eyes the surrounding suddenly bright like day However this day is filled with a lot of fog but in the end it is not a spiritual place which has little effect on Lin Wufeng's vision After resting for a while and restoring three layers of True Qi Lin Wufeng took out a magic amulet again but it looked like a weasel small and exquisite and lifelike With the injection of True Qi the weasel is instantly magnified to life-size Lin Wufeng straddled it clasping his ears with both hands and in the whine one of them broke through the air Not far away was a small forest in which Lin Wufeng fell advancing and retreating in the bushes up and down and from time to time there was a crash

Gradually Lin Wufeng's speed became faster and faster but the crash became less and less and eventually he could not hear a sound for a long time In a moment the True Qi was exhausted Lin Wufeng put away the amulet and continued to meditate to recover Of course there is no need to waste the fifty pieces of wood and spirit stone which are used to save lives at the critical moment When he broke up with Zuo Lin Lin Wufeng mortgaged a peak Lingtao mother tree to him exchanged it for 25 wooden Lingshi and bought another 12 jade boxes leaving 50 wooden Lingshi that could be absorbed and utilized As for the peach saplings in the yard we can only give up

Free Zuo Lin will not want-even if taken care of but also the value of four Lingshi have this time it is better to sell a few more Lingfu Twenty minutes later Lin Wufeng got up put on the thunder beast amulet took off and flew to his destination With the help of extraordinary eyesight Lin Wufeng's thunder beast amulet only flew at a low altitude of three meters not fast without any sound of stainless steel squatting pan breaking the air So even if there is a master flying in the sky may not be able to find him Stop once in the middle to restore True Qi and continue to move forward An hour later we finally arrived at the outside of Baicao Houshan Baicaomen is not even protected by the array method which is already of little value in the back hill and the protection is naturally looser Several inner gate mountain patrol disciples and some jade amulets buried underground for early warning are the two major defensive means of Baicao Houshan In the dark night the aura from the monk's body shines like the sun in

Lin Wufeng's eyes and the jade amulets are also clearly visible to Lin Wufeng because of the inculcation of the aura Avoid a mountain patrol team put away the thunder beast amulet so as not to trigger the jade amulet alarm Lin Wufeng convergence of the whole body True Qi through a few minutes then into the back of the mountain range Looking up and looking around to identify the environment Lin Wufeng took out the weasel amulet and skillfully shuttled through the dense forest heading for the target without a sound On the front hill in a quiet room a white-bearded friar seemed to be struggling to draw a circle out of thin air When each circle is formed a landscape painting appears in the middle Although it is vague it is full of artistic conception just like the real one Baicaomen first dog tail grass Chu Tiannan stood aside looking a little nervous a little more looking forward to Another circle the picture gradually blurred from clear suddenly a dark shadow flashed from the picture Circle again the shadow will be clear in the picture Taoist sink a track "Do you know where this is" Chu Tiannan respectful way "Yes uncle I'll go" The Taoist priest waved his hand and painted out and Chu Tiannan disappeared quietly In a moment Lin Wufeng had arrived at his destination One meter in front of the body in the extraordinary eyesight a green gas rises from the ground for a long time