13x4 Lace Front Wig has lace around the front perimeter of the hair from ear to ear. Depending on the lace wig that you purchase, it may be stretch lace from ear to ear or plain lace. It is suggested that you purchase a lace wig with French lace as Swiss lace is extremely delicate and should be professionally applied.

First, apply the skin protectant to your own hairline. While allowing this to dry prepare the T Part Wigs. Pin all of the hair back into a ponytail or bun. Any remaining hair near the hairline or layered hair should be pinned back with clips. When applying the wig you do not want to have hair flying in the way or into any bonding material.
Next, fit the lace wig to your head. This is the time where you will want to look at all angles and play with the lace wig to make sure it is perfectly positioned to your liking. You should then cut the lace. Make sure to not cut too close yet as you are still just eyeballing the positioning. When cutting, leave about 1 ¼ inches of lace remaining.
After fitting the hair and fixing the hairline, you are now ready to apply your bonding agent and finish cutting the lace. Since you are certain of the positioning and have tweezed out as much hair from the hairline as you want, you can cut the remaining lace. This cut should be as close to the hairline as possible without cutting into the 4x4 Closure Wig.
To being bonding, keep your tweezers out if you are using tape. If you are using long tape stripes, 2 should be enough while 4 stripes should be used if you have the shorter normal tape. Gently flip the hairline of the lace wig back so the inside is exposed.
Next, eyeball the area you will tape. If applying the 4 shorter stripes, you should aim for both temples and above both eyebrows. Most tape has 2 paper sheets to peel off. Remove the first sheet by hand and apply. The next sheet can be removed with the tweezers as to not get your hands stuck to the tape. This will ease any frustration and accidentally ruining the tape. Follow this method on the rest of the lace wig hairline with the tape. Once all the tape is applied, readjust the placement so that when you flip the hairline back down, you can press down. Press down the hairline and roll your finger over each stripe of tape to tighten the bond.
With glue, you may see a minor shine on your scalp. First, make sure to remove excess glue before attempting to reduce glue shine. Take a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and carefully rub over the glue. For minor glue spots, this should loosen up the bond and be able to be easily removed. Once your hairline is dry, you can apply a pressed powder to reduce glue shine.

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