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  • I waited for you for a long time.
    I waited for you for a long time.Before the doctor took the medicine Huo Liming stopped him and asked the doctor politely what medicine he wanted He took a picture of these medicines and sent it directly to Lao Chen on WeChat Tang Qichen's body has been adjusted by Lao Chen and he knows it best Old Chen quickly replied to the message "It can be used" But don't eat the white medicine bottle I...
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  • Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable
    Marriage in the underworld is unpredictableI You're lying and you're I just want to point at him to shout abuse who knows Yi Chen suddenly held me in his arms trying to interrupt me I quickly looked back to Yi Chen "Yi Chen he is a liar even if I can not distinguish you can go to ask Qing ah that day I did not go to Yin Street with Qing" I was almost cheated by him! Yichen pulled my body with...
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  • The general is too seductive
    The general is too seductive"You think I have instead of the son of heaven holding the emperor QinBing father how good allow to have the troops fall on the iron family in other people can also be used for their own but the iron family are all hard as stone father's adult of course to get rid of it and then quickly the pot of wine given by the emperor last night has been poisoned three days...
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  • Li Liang-Jianghu Double Cannon
    Li Liang-Jianghu Double Cannon"Young man!"! You just said that the rosefinch king is dead! Is it your masterpiece The drunkard asked pleasantly surprised "This rosefinch heavenly king is the most ferocious heavenly king among the four heavenly kings of the Fengshen Society and he is also the one with the highest martial arts" Ha ha retribution retribution! Two months ago the old drunkard was...
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  • A lady of good taste
    Xuanyuan Che and Xuanyuan Yi said into the opposite elegant room completely unaware that their words all fell into Liu Zi's ears Chapter 184 two words of fate Xuanyuan Yi returned to the palace As soon as he entered his room he went to bed heavily folded his hands behind his head and looked at the cloud tent on the top with his eyes open The plum blossoms embroidered with silver silk on the...
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  • The phoenix wears the broken man
    The phoenix wears the broken manLoyalty to the heart of the big fellow-such a sentence in the Han Dynasty seems to be a common expression of loyalty From the dignitaries down to the common people few people have not said similar words As for how many people are sincerely loyal to the big fellow no one can say clearly However Cai Ji's seemingly ordinary words contain some deep feelings in the...
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