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  • New rain and clouds
    "Long Chong the king of Shangxiang is only a small Royal Guard with thousands of households He is not as capable as the king of Xiangxiang in front of the emperor" I emphasized the tone of my last sentence If he is not stupid he should know who is more capable of speaking in front of the emperor Sure enough the king of Xiang turned pale and felt a shock in his heart Thinking about the tense...
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  • Destiny of Reboot
    Staring intently at the two men who did not say a word Iskandar sighed helplessly That's the saying But in fact even if the king asks you what happened now I don't think you will answer will you Is Ben Wang wrong Knight King 。” "Admittedly I have no intention of answering your questions here" As if echoing Iskandar's words of self-abandonment saber nodded slowly but then added "Timing" It...
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  • Unworldly and carefree water color
    Outside the window is a glow the vegetation in the garden is like a layer of gold gauze with a warm halo with a faint fragrance of wood leaves in the wind suddenly there is a wisp of flute sound Empty and carefree ethereal and transparent always feel that only such a slow and leisurely rhythm can be combined with that kind of elegance that kind of quiet pleasant there is a kind of magic that...
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  • Sea of nebulae
    Qin Bo is disdainful "Relying on the magic weapon is the way to take advantage of it" I was impatient to deal with them one by one so I just came to a unified solution Since I can't cross the crescent lake what am I afraid of "Good!" Shang Yang asked Qiu to take out a memory crystal from his desk A flash of light flashed by and a large three-dimensional model of the branch of the fluorescent...
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  • Queen of the Xie family
    "Let the meal be passed on" There are a lot of delicacies in the garden Let them cook some fresh and good dishes Xie Ning took a deep breath sat up straight gazed at the emperor's face and said with some difficulty "I want to apologize to the emperor" 126 points of affection "If it's about Yuyao I already know" Xie Ning was stunned his eyes which had been washed by tears were particularly clear...
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  • President Behind the Scenes: Good Pregnant Moms 1 + 1
    Shuixintong felt tired physically and mentally exhausted the child in his stomach moved very frequently seemed to be very uneasy touching his stomach Xintong suddenly felt a strange feeling that is the continuation of her life Maybe she should really face the reality and face the baby she's going to have Nan Feng placed the heart child took the mobile phone out of the ward when he called back...
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